My Story

Prior to becoming a Reflexologist, I have spent the majority of my career in Human Resources working for large financial institutions.  During 2020, like so many people, I took some time to reflect and evaluate what makes me truly happy and fulfilled, unfortunately it was not the career path that I had chosen.

Having had reflexology myself for fertility support, I had always enjoyed the feeling of the treatment and how I left each appointment feeling like I was walking on air.  I wanted to have the ability to make others feel exactly the same way.  I studied at the London School of Reflexology under Louise Keet and qualified in February 2022.

I am fully trained in foot, face and hand reflexology.  I have completed specialised training in pre-conception, pregnancy and labour induction treatments as well as a brand new menopause treatment taught by Louise Keet and Ziggie Bergman which is a combination treatment including face, hands and feet.


My Approach

When I decided to pursue a career in reflexology, I was looking for a purpose, a way to help people, a way of supporting and exhibiting health and kindness.  Health and Kindness is the slogan for HKReflexology, both components are the foundation of the company.


I always had the intention of creating a space and a treatment experience that would mean that when  my clients leave me they feel like they have been looked after, listened to, and cared for.  I want all of my clients to feel the power and benefit of reflexology.

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Health and Kindness